About us

An independent, Miami-based business intelligence and risk advisory firm, Tenácitas International knows emerging market economies.

Who are Tenacitas International?

Our seasoned investigators, researchers and analysts specialize in Latin America, and have deep ain other regions of the world.

We know the countries, their languages, laws and cultures. Multinational corporations, financial entities, law firms, high net-worth individuals and small businesses, as well as government entities, all turn to us for business intelligence and risk advisory services.

What We Do

Our clients may need us to provide due diligence on prospective acquisitions or business partners, tackle reputation management issues, conduct internal investigations, trace assets, gather information in business disputes, or diagnose security issues. Trusted with highly sensitive assignments, we respond with accurate information and analysis, working often in countries where the rule of law is arbitrary and weak.

Today’s businesses are exploring inroads in frontier markets across all sectors, from timber to sugar cane, construction to mining, beverages, and finance to pharmaceuticals. Clients in these and many other industries turn to us for practical, actionable advice on barriers, challenges and opportunities.

Salt mine corridor


We know that ethical actions create a better citizenry.

As part of the mission of Tenácitas International, we actively support Cloud9World, a literacy-based school curricular and home program designed to inculcate positive behavioral values in Pre-K and Elementary schoolchildren around the world. Cloud9World instills in children a deep concern for the well-being of their fellow students, teachers, families and members of their local and broader communities.

What Our Clients Say About Tenácitas

“We had lost a succession of contracts in Mexico to a local competitor that had come out of nowhere and with the prospect of losing another - very large - one which could force us to withdraw from the country, we decided to take a deep dive and find out more about them. We selected Tenácitas International because of their Latin American expertise and they did a terrific job. Simon’s team was able to develop concerning information not only on the origins and the exponential growth of the company - which was inexplicable from any conventional commercial perspective - but also on its key affiliates and suppliers, including beneficiary shareholders whose extremely modest profiles - one was a rural elementary school teacher - clearly indicated they were frontmen. The competitor was owned by a family linked to the illicit opium trade. Using the findings we were able to preserve our biggest contract.”
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CEO of UK-based multinational