Voters send decisive message against corruption in Peru

December 13, 2018

December, 10 2018 (ABC News)

Voters in Peru have sent a decisive message to the nation’s politicians: Push through measures to stamp out corruption.

Official returns released Monday show that voters overwhelmingly favored three of the four proposals in a referendum on anti-corruption measures.

Over 12 million Peruvians voted Sunday in favor of prohibiting legislators from seeking immediate re-election, tightening campaign finance rules and empowering the public to select members of a powerful judicial council. Just over 2 million voters opposed each of those measures.

Voters backed President Martin Vizcarra in rejecting a fourth measure to create a bicameral congress after it was watered down by opposition legislators.

Peru has been reeling from a series of corruption scandals involving some of the nation’s highest ranking judges and politicians. Four former presidents are currently under investigation.