Volkswagen to extend emissions probe to Brazil: executive

October 1, 2015

Volkswagen’s internal investigation of rigged emissions tests will extend to the one diesel-powered passenger vehicle it sells in Brazil, a senior executive said on Tuesday.

The German carmaker announced plans earlier in the day to refit up to 11 million vehicles after it admitted to programming a so-called defeat device to cheat on emissions tests for its diesel-powered cars in the United States, drawing regulatory scrutiny around the world.

Volkswagen’s one diesel-powered passenger vehicle in Brazil, the Amarok pickup truck, is not believed to feature the defeat device, said Antonio Megale, the carmaker’s head of government affairs in Brazil. The company will investigate to make sure.

“In principle, we don’t have that device in Brazil,” Megale said at an auto industry event. “But we still need to confirm.”

Brazil’s environmental agency, Ibama, said on Friday it was investigating whether Volkswagen had violated domestic emissions laws, which could bring a fine of up to 50 million reais ($12.3 million).

Volkswagen has sold nearly 84,000 Amaroks in Brazil since 2010, according to dealership association Fenabrave.

Separately on Tuesday, the Latin American division of Volkswagen’s MAN SE commercial trucks unit said in a statement that it was not affected by the ongoing emissions scandal and that all of its engines meet legal requirements.


Volkswagen to extend emissions probe to Brazil: executive