More than 100 candidates with criminal record in Colombia’s congressional election

January 25, 2018

January, 24 2018 (Colombia reports)

Colombian authorities have found 100 convicted criminals on the initial list of candidates for congressional elections in March, Caracol Radio reported Wednesday.

A search in judicial databases found that 631 other candidates are involved in court cases currently investigated by the Supreme Court, the Interior Ministry warned in the report obtained by the radio station.

Authorities verified the judicial records of 5,679 potential senators and house representatives who had been proposed by political parties and regional political movements.

Following the verification, more than half of the candidacies were withdrawn from the lists, the radio station reported.

Among those with a criminal record were 12 candidates who had been convicted for fraud, nine for driving accidents, eight for robbery, seven for the illegal carrying of firearms and seven for swindle.

Other convictions include homicide, drug trafficking and extortion.

At least 45 candidates were barred from holding public office by the Inspector General, the report said.

Colombia’s congressional elections are on March 11. A new president will be elected in May.