Mexico Deports 49 Cubans with “Irregular” Immigration Status En Route to U.S.

March 21, 2017

March, 14 2017 (Panampost)

Mexico deported 49 Cubans this week who were hoping to pass through to the United States.

Last Monday, March 13th, Mexico’s National Institute of Migration deported the 49 Cubans — 40 of whom were men and nine of whom were women — by aircraft.

According to an NIM report, they entered Mexican territory at various times in hopes of obtaining an exit permit that would allow them to freely pass through to the United States.

The exit permit is listed in the country’s Immigration Law as a measure providing foreigners the possibility of legally moving for 20 days so they can regularize their immigration status in Mexico or leave the country.

However, according to the INM, “the Consulate General of Cuba carried out nationality recognition that assisted in their return by law.”

Hundreds of Cubans have been repatriated by NIM since the repeal of the “Wet feet, Dry Feet” policy that allowed Cubans who made it to US soil to stay.

According to official Cuban data, 979 Cubans have been repatriated between January 1 and February 17. Six hundred and eighty of them were repatriated after the policy was changed.

In 1995, the policy was adopted by the Bill Clinton administration because the Cuban dictatorship refused to accept Cuban deportees. Clinton managed to reach an agreement with Havana to return the rafters intercepted at sea, while the United States would accept those who managed to reach the mainland.