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Fifa Scandal Tests the Legend of Trinidad’s Robin Hood

A framed portrait of Jack Warner hangs above the reception of the João Havelange Centre of Excellence on the outskirts of Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago’s sultry capital, while the walls are plastered with sports awards given to the now disgraced former Fifa vice-president. The complex, home to a football pitch and training facilities [...]

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Transparency’s Corruption Perception Index – Latin America

For the 10th year running, Venezuela has been ranked as the most corrupt country in Latin America by Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index. The index, which measures perceptions of corruption in the public sector, was released on 3 December. It ranked Venezuela 161st out of 175 countries worldwide, as the economic crisis continues to wreak havoc [...]

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Petrobras Scandal Hurts Rousseff

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — In winning her second four-year term in one of the closest and nastiest elections ever fought in Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff spent much of her campaign trying to avoid the fallout from a corruption scandal that has beset state-controlled oil company Petrobras – and she could well spend her new administration [...]

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Latin America Crime – Best & Worst

In the most extensive ranking of its kind ever, the Latin Crime Index from Latinvex provides the answers. It looks at six key factors that measure crime, including homicides, kidnappings, assaults, robberies (with force), thefts (without force) and car thefts. We analyzed data for 18 countries from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [...]

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Randy Mastro – Chevron’s Star Lawyer

How a former mob prosecutor has helped Chevron successfully defend itself against a multi-billion dollar Ecuadorian lawsuit and verdict. As Chevron’s New York trial against lawyer Steven Donziger enters its fifth week, there is growing speculation that it will end with a clear victory for the US oil company. Donziger has led an Ecuadorian environmental lawsuit [...]

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Strikes Protests and Kidnaps – Tough Times for Colombian Mining

It has been quite a fortnight for Colombian mining. First, small-scale, informal miners staged demonstrations demanding provisions be made for them in the country’s mining code. Then, miners at the Colombian operations of US coal miner Drummond went on indefinite strike. To crown it, Canada’s Braeval Mining, a gold miner, said it was pulling the plug on an [...]

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Chevron & Ecuador – Reversal of Fortune – Chevron is Winning a 20 Year Old Legal Battle Tainted by Fraud

Twenty years after being sued in a US court over alleged environmental damages in Ecuador, Chevron appears closer than ever to victory. “The conclusion that the Ecuadorian lawsuit against Chevron was fraudulent has been well documented, and it has been confirmed in the judgment of the international investment community, which sees now that Ecuador is not [...]

Chevron & Ecuador – Reversal of Fortune – Chevron is Winning a 20 Year Old Legal Battle Tainted by Fraud2017-01-13T11:59:24+00:00

Relativity Acquires Pablo Escobar Script

Variety – Relativity Media has acquired rights to script “Silver or Lead,” the story of cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar, as well as a number of life rights and a book associated with the tale. Relativity will produce the pic with Atmosphere Entertainment MM. Spanish helmer Enrique Urbizu will direct from a screenplay by “Nostradamus” scribe Piers [...]

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Peru More Protests – Peru has recently seen a wave of protests, including several held by teachers and doctors. The teachers union is believed to have close ties to MOVADEF, the group Garcia wants to ban. Meanwhile, mining companies continue to face extensive protests as well, which can directly impact their operations. The largest foreign investment in Peru’s [...]

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Human Rights Violators Come in All Colors Even White

"Building the moral fiber of a nation is the duty of all members of society, but above all, of its political and business leaders. A critical step is recognizing that white collar not only breeds in the same moral swamp as violent crime, but represents a pervasic threat to democratic integrity and rule of law." [...]

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