Brazil indigenous groups clash with police in Brasilia

April 29, 2017

April, 26, 2017 (BBC)

Members of indigenous groups clashed with riot police in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, on Tuesday.
Thousands gathered in front of the Congress building to demand more land rights and protest against the encroachment of their land by loggers and farmers.
Campaigners say 13 indigenous people died in land conflicts last year.
Police said they had to use force when some protesters tried to reach a ramp leading into Congress.

Many of the indigenous protesters wore their traditional headdresses

Police said the clashes started when protesters tried to access a ramp leading into Congress

Some of the protesters were carrying bows and arrows

Police said no one was injured by the arrows fired

Riot police with shields tried to block the protesters from advancing

The protesters carried coffins meant to symbolise the number of indigenous people killed

Police fired tear gas at the protesters. and the protesters tried to kick the canisters back