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Argentina’s Fernandez cries foul on government primary vote count

August, 30 2017 (Reuters) BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina’s former populist leader Cristina Fernandez criticized President Mauricio Macri’s government at a rally on Wednesday, after it took more than two weeks to release final results in a Senate primary race that gave her a razor-thin win. Fernandez won the primary in Buenos Aires province, Argentina’s [...]

Guatemala court overrules order to expel UN official

August, 30 2017 (BBC) Guatemala's highest court has overruled an order by President Jimmy Morales to expel the head of the UN anti-corruption mission in the country. The Constitutional Court suspended the deportation order against Iván Velásquez, who backed an investigation into funding irregularities in the president's 2015 election campaign. Mr Morales had accused Mr [...]

Venezuela: New assembly approves treason trials for opposition

August, 30 2017 (BBC) Venezuela's new constituent assembly has unanimously voted to put opposition leaders on trial for treason. The assembly said it would pursue those it accuses of supporting US economic sanctions against the country. Washington approved the measures last week in response to what it called the "dictatorship" of President Nicolás Maduro. President [...]

Venezuela Attorney General Breaks Silence over Maduro Corruption and Cabello-Odebrecht Links

August, 23 2017(Panampost) The legitimate attorney general of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega, who fled after the persecution of the regime of Nicholas Maduro, arrived in Brazil to participate in a summit of corruption prosecutors; there she revealed information about Venezuelan corruption, specifically commenting on Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht‘s corrupting influence in the Andean country, and its [...]

Victims of Sonic Attack in Cuba Could Suffer Permanent Brain Damage

August, 24 2017 (Panampost) The “sonic attack” on United States and Canadian diplomats in Havana, Cuba may have caused more than hearing loss, CBS reported this week. The May attacks, that have only recently been made public, also caused brain damage. CBS, claiming to have access to the medical reports of the case, said a [...]

Colombia’s chief prosecutor failed to mention 300kg of FARC gold: rebel leaders

August, 24 2017 (Colombiareports) Colombia’s demobilized FARC guerrilla group on Thursday claimed the prosecutor general intentionally omitted reported the content of a list of assets the rebels surrendered for victim compensation. Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martinez on Wednesday decried that much of the assets reported by the FARC were “useless” while others were not specific [...]

Brazil’s Lula on the rise, but comeback likely out of reach

August, 24 2017 (Reuters) MACEIÓ, Brazil (Reuters) - Thousands have turned out to see leftist former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on his marathon bus tour of impoverished northeast states, the region where Brazil’s first working-class leader was born and where he has maintained the most support. Rural workers whose lives improved dramatically with [...]

As Socialism Destroys Venezuela, Only Its People, Not U.S. Military, Can Restore Democracy

August, 23 2017 (Huffpost) President Donald Trump has turned into the warmonger he criticized when running against Hillary Clinton. He just announced a major escalation in America’s combat role in Afghanistan. Previously he or his administration threatened North Korea, continued military involvement in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, warned of a potential naval confrontation with Beijing [...]

Russia says Venezuela crisis must be resolved peacefully

August, 16 2017 (Reuters) MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday stressed the need to resolve the crisis in Venezuela peacefully and without external intervention. "We are united in the need to rapidly overcome the disagreements that exist in that country exclusively in a peaceful manner, through national dialogue without any kind [...]

Brazil’s Most Popular Leader Has Been Convicted of Corruption on Flimsy Evidence

Auugust, 10 2017 (Huffpost) Lula da Silva and his Workers’ Party are an affront to the country’s traditional elite — which is itself mired in corruption — so they want to destroy him by any means necessary. “Former Brazil President Lula faces sixth trial for corruption,” ran the headline from Reuters last week. For almost [...]