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Venezuela: The Petro and Maduro’s Disastrous Foray into Cryptocurrency

March, 6 2018 (Panampost) Regrettably, the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro has accustomed us to economic initiatives that are announced with great fanfare and that later die during birth (such as raising rabbits), or during the process of implementation they lose credibility for a number of reasons, until in they languish in oblivion waiting for [...]

Argentina’s last ex-dictator Bignone dies at age 90

March, 7 2018 (Reuters) BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - The last leader of Argentina’s 1976 - 1983 “dirty war” military dictatorship, Reynaldo Bignone, died in a military hospital on Wednesday, Argentina’s state-run news agency Telam said. Bignone, 90, had been serving out jail sentences for conspiring to kidnap and kill opponents during his July 1982 to [...]

Slain Salvadoran archbishop Romero to be made a saint

March, 7 2018 (Reuters) VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, a champion of the poor who became a human rights icon in Latin America when he was killed by a right-wing death squad in 1980, will be made a Roman Catholic saint. A statement on Wednesday said Pope Francis had given final approval [...]

As sanctions loom, Venezuelan official seeks U.S. talks over prisoners

March, 7 2018 (Reuters) WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Venezuelan state governor made an unusual visit to Washington this week, seeking meetings in Congress to discuss the fate of a U.S. citizen imprisoned in the South American nation, U.S. sources said on Wednesday. As the threat of fresh U.S. sanctions on socialist Venezuela loomed, Rafael Lacava, [...]

Panama hotel removes Trump branding after court battle

March, 6 2018 (BBC) The majority owner of a luxury hotel in Panama City has regained control of the building after a legal battle with its management - the Trump Organization. Within hours of the verdict from a Panamanian court, hotel staff removed the Trump name from its main entrance. Cypriot businessman Orestes Fintiklis has [...]

Colombia’s former anti-corruption chief convicted for corruption

March, 7 2018 (Colombia reports) Colombia’s former corruption chief was convicted on corruption charges on Wednesday after the DEA found out he and Supreme Court justices were taking bribes from corrupt politicians. The court initially sentenced former top prosecutor Luis Gustavo to three and a half years in prison, but then suspended the sentence, claiming [...]

Maduro demanded $50 million bribe from Odebrecht, ousted Venezuelan attorney general says

February, 28 2018 (Miami Herald) During the campaign for Venezuela’s 2013 presidential elections, then-candidate Nicolás Maduro asked the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht for a $50 million bribe if it wanted to continue enjoying its profitable contracts in his country, according to Venezuela’s exiled Attorney General Luisa Ortega. The company’s chief of operations in Venezuela, Euzenando [...]

Peru opposition leader’s lawyer says former Odebrecht official testified he donated to president’s campaign

February, 20 2018 (Reuters) LIMA (Reuters) - A former executive of scandal-plagued Brazilian builder Odebrecht [ODBES.UL] told prosecutors investigating the company in Peru that he gave money to President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s 2011 election campaign, an attorney for opposition party leader Keiko Fujimori said on local television on Wednesday. The prosecutors traveled to Brazil this [...]

Colombia’s AGC paramilitaries vow to ‘design and construct a new country’

March, 1 2018 (Colombia Reports) Colombia’s largest illegal armed group, the AGC, vows to “design and construct a new country” in an apparent withdrawal from its intent to surrender to justice. The Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces (AGC) said so in a recently published “coexistence manual,” which laid out the social order imposed on communities living in [...]

Brazil’s Military Takeover Of Security In Rio De Janeiro Is A Looming Disaster

february, 20 2018 (Huffpost) Brazilian President Michel Temer made the unprecedented decision Friday to give the country’s military all public security responsibilities in Rio de Janeiro, the beleaguered city that has been plagued by rising rates of violent crime since it hosted the Olympic Games nearly two years ago. Temer’s decision will put the military [...]

True Ethics, True Grit: Compliance is Leadership’s Toughest Challenge

Jed Hepworth spent 39 years working on international matters at Cargill, Inc, the biggest privately held corporation in the USA. As Latin American General Counsel for 20 of those years, he led 70 professionals living and practicing in the region. Amid the continuing torrent of corruption scandals in Latin America, implicating senior executives and presidents [...]

Venezuela opposition expels Henri Falcón over poll decision

February, 28 2018 (BBC) Venezuela's opposition has expelled a former state governor after he said he would stand against President Nicolás Maduro in April's election. The Democratic Unity opposition coalition is boycotting the vote. It said Henri Falcón was wrong to validate what it called a fraudulent electoral system. Mr Falcón defended his decision, saying [...]