Argentina’s Buenos Aires deserted in general strike

April 10, 2017

April, 06 2017  (BBC)

The start of a 24 hour general strike in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, has shut down public transport, with demonstrators blocking city streets.
Unions said turnout was high as workers protested against job cuts and the economic policies of the conservative president, Mauricio Macri.
Protestors scuffled with police as President Macri hosted an economic forum for Latin American leaders.
About a third of Argentines are living in poverty.

Protesters called for wage increases in line with inflation – which was 40% last year and expected to be about 20% in 2017.

Security forces used high-powered water cannon and tear gas to control protesters who blocked the main highway leading from the north to the capital, Buenos Aires.

The strike started as President Mauricio Macri, only 16 months into his post, welcomed Latin American leaders to a regional economic forum.